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The past is what it is.
I was who I was.
I like to think I'm a different person.
I like to hope I'm a different person.
The people who really knew me,
knew me.
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I exist.                      I don't exist.
They tell me.           I don't feel it.
I must remember.   I don't feel anything.
Life around me exists. There was once a time when I was excited for that. Once I was connected to life. Now, life has been lost to me.
People still exist. Organisms still thrive. Light shines bright and warm on the skin of all us humans. We reach upwards, eager.
My arms are weak, breaking. I do not reach. Death still thrives. I do not feel. I do not.
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Mature content
You don't frighten me :icondelicateatmosphere:DelicateAtmosphere 0 0
Can't Sleep
Waiting in the closet
Imagination running
Running away
Away, Away!
Count, one...two...three
The atmosphere heating
Sizzling, popping
Intensity slowly creeping
This ache behind the eyes
Yelling, pleading!
Under to safety!
...hold your breath...
...and listen...
Air moving, passing
Over exposed skin
No!...remain still...
It will fail, it will flee
Just remain silent
And breathe.
Dawn is upon us
The sun is not dead
Not yet...
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I'll be thinking of you
You and I share beating hearts
Both scratched and scarred
With broken parts
And here we are, together again
A fresh wash of sorrow, does it ever end?
Our lives, entwined, have suffered trials
Some moments sweet, some moments vile
The strength we stock within our bones
Has carried us safely past being alone
Now, at the door of Change we stand
You life in danger, the choice in hand
I beg you! Finally, live for yourself
But claws drag you close, excuses no help
I call your name, my hand outreached
Please! Don't give up until we speak
This is your last chance to turn back
If you continue this path, prepare for attack
You life will be stolen, perverted, defiled
You heart will be broken, your spirit exiled
Remember our past and the pain that existed
You'll live it again, the evidence explicit
My cries of warning fall on deaf ears
You give a sad smile, a shrug, but no tears
You say not to worry, I'll see you again
But your eyes are defeated, in them is pain
The claws sink further into your fl
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    The insignificance is overwhelming.
    Peace can be found by those with light in their hearts when they are allowed to lay on the earth, and look into the heavens above. One night, seeking the sensation of peace, I lay before the open ceiling of the universe and watched the stars. To my left was not my blood sister, but a sister nonetheless. She sought for the same peace I had told her of, so we watched together. In the watching, her body and eyes remain fixed above, but her utterance spread around us; covering our place of ease and planted a seed of awareness within my soul.
    "All these stars, most of them have disappeared you know. Their light takes longer to reach us so were really seeing the past when we see stars."
    "I know." I said.
    We fell back into the silence of our own thoughts. The seed in my soul began to be nourished by the thoughts of my mind. Most stars were in the past. There were so many, and any of them
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There are times in this world
There are times in this world when the childhood you held around you like a shield breaks, just cracks and splinters and has more movement than before. You can see it,feel it changing you and losing whatever little of the control you had left. Joy, is tainted forever and the words love and trust are cheapened. It is not a negative, just a reaction of time and experienced with the catalyst of human emotion. Aging.
It is still good. You must remember that it is still good and life is so much better than what reality brings, what responsibility and stability demands. Life is the sunshine and sky on an Autumn sunset. Life is when you watch your old children's television shows and the comfort of nostalgia. Life is when you go back to the place you had your first kiss, and you can almost really feel them kiss you again.
Don't forget.
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The Man with the brush,keeps
The Man with the brush,
keeps it behind his ear,
where the power it needs originates.
The Man with the brush,
he is beautiful,
he is his own and uncaptured.
The Man with the brush,
he sits, crouched over something unseen and simply watches.
His are a fixed on the passing life beneath his feet.
The Man with the brush,
his breathing is steady,
he draws the brush quickly, but he hesitates.
The Man with the brush,
struggles with the perfection he desires to create.
He returns the brush behind his ear, eyes still transfixed,
beneath his feet.
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I'm proud of everything.


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